Engineering a physical, virtual and hybrid infrastructure

Engineering a physical, virtual and hybrid infrastructure.

Time imposes increased requirements on IT: speed, mobility, security, reliability, ever-growing resource requirements.

We implement modern technologies and software in our IT solutions to provide the best service.
A well-built IT infrastructure will significantly increase the efficiency of business processes, reduce material and time costs, increase employee productivity and strengthen the company's competitive position.
Currently, investments in upgrading IT infrastructure are becoming a driver for the growth of income and business of companies as a whole.
Qualification and responsibility
The high level of qualification and responsibility of our specialists guarantee the quality, reliability and flexibility in building a local server system, a terminal network for regional divisions or consolidating IT resources on the cloud resources of a european providers.
We design and implement complex infrastructure solutions:
  • Selection and supply of servers, storage systems, network hardware anf software
    Supply and launch of server, network hardware and software from HPE, CISCO, DELL, LENOVO, VMWare, ARUBA, NETAPP, VEEAM, FORTINET and other leading global manufacturers
  • Partial or complete transfer of infrastructure and data to the cloud of a European provider
    Lease of cloud resources, IaaS, physical servers in Europe, hybrid structures, replication and Disaster recovery
  • Design and launch of uninterruptible power supply systems, air conditioning of server rooms and their monitoring
    Used to ensure uninterrupted operation of systems in conditions of unstable power supply and the influence of elevated ambient temperatures
  • Design and installation of structured cabling systems
    A properly built structured cabling system does not require additional financial costs for 10 years or more
  • Engineering and construction of a corporate WiFi network of high performance and security.
    Powerful, fast, modern and convenient wireless network, in many respects exceeds wired solutions in terms of functionality and characteristics
  • Organization of terminal access
    Design and launch of terminal networks using workstations based on thin clients
Entrust the solution of infrastructure tasks to professionals. Having many years of practice in the field of complex IT solutions, our company pays special attention to reducing the TCO (total cost of ownership) of IT infrastructure. Each project is designed with future management, maintenance and scaling.
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