Visual Solutions for Retail

These are professional solutions for visualizing text, graphics or video content using displays and specialized software.

We offer effective methods, utilizing technology, to attract, maintain, and direct the attention of the consumer. The use of vivid screens and high contrast images allow you to quickly focus the target buyer(s) attention to the information you need them to see.

Checkout Monitors
Checkout Monitors are displays that are strategically placed in the checkout area, in order to maximize product visibility and increase sales.

Displays are used for promotional purposes, to display seasonal products, special offers, and brand information.

The use of checkout monitors drastically increases the consumer’s perception of the brand.
Interactive Totem | Information screen
Interactive totems are interactive advertising and information screens that utilize multimedia display technology combined with the abilities of a computer, for effective communication and interaction with the consumer.

Such panels can be placed both indoors (shopping malls, business centers, airports, hospitals, government agencies) and outdoors to provide dynamic and targeted information.

For interactive interaction, the screens are additionally equipped with a multi touch function.
Shelf talker
New generation advertising. A digital shelf talker is a high-definition video screen that attracts customers, and makes the product more visible on the sales shelf in a highly competitive environment.

Everything that you want to tell the buyer will be visible from afar, even in very bright rooms.

Vibrant and dynamic videos capture attention and allow the brand to increase awareness and trust of customers, which leads to an increase in sales from the shelf up to 70%!

Video posters and digital showcases
One of the most advanced solutions for consumer engagement. Interactive video posters and showcases enhance the company's image, and encourage customers to take action.

With the help of an interactive video poster, advertising becomes more attractive, and therefore more effective.

This solution offers a better return on investment than traditional printing.
Main properties of solutions:
• Remote control
• Different types of content broadcast scenarios
• Promptly update of information
• Ability to connect to a Wi-Fi network
Advantages for business:
• Increases trust between brand and customer
• Sales increase
• Fast payback period
• No production costs for printed promotional materials
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