Organization of terminal access

Involve all mobile and remote employees for full-fledged work with the resources of the local network of the enterprise using terminal access.
Terminal access is the consolidation of information and computing resources on a remote (terminal) server, or a group of servers. All applications of the company work only there.

The image of a running business application is broadcast to workplaces, regardless of their geographic location.
For a user working at the terminal, working with the application looks exactly as if it were running on the local machine.

This solution allows you to provide the enterprise with highly efficient workplaces at lower hardware and software costs.
Advantages of the terminal access system:
  • Safety
    • high level of data protection
    • no removable storage
    • no possibility of self-installation of software
    • storing data only on the server minimizes the risk of information loss
    • all data on the server is copied automatically and stored separately
  • Economy
    • reduction of IT costs for the organization of jobs while maintaining efficiency
    • installation of licenses on the server, taking into account the number of employees.
    • reducing the cost of acquiring the corresponding software
  • Ease of controls
    • management from a single point, which allows you to easily and reliably differentiate access rights to data, devices and applications
    • the terminal system is easily scalable and integrated into the existing IT infrastructure of the company

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