Software and Licensing

We provide customer needs for software and licenses from VMWare, Microsoft, Oracle, RHEL, Adobe, Corel, ABBYY, Paragon, Acronis, Citrix, Broadcom and others.
The purchase of licensed software does not solve all issues related to correct legalization. It is very important to properly install and configure the software, as well as periodically monitor the relevance of licenses.
Our Software Licensing Services:
  • Tracking license expiration dates
  • Renewal of existing licenses
  • Selection of the optimal scheme for licensing and legalization of already installed software
  • Changing the type of licenses (where possible), for example, moving from "boxed" software versions to "enterprise" or cloud versions
  • Purchasing additional licenses
  • Qualified advice on licensing issues
We guarantee license cleanliness and correct execution of documents, which is extremely important for the correct operation of the software (including updates) and equipment, as well as for the successful passage of possible copyright checks.
Licensing stages:
Collection of information about the installed software and the availability of documentation
Analysis of compliance of documents with installed software products
Implementation of the required set of licenses with installation and configuration
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